We now offer you the ability to have a Virtual Accounting Office!

Access to your business finances through Internet connection...anytime, anywhere!



Will you lose control of the financial decisions?

Absolutely Not!  We do not touch your cash, nor do we sign your checks.


How much does it cost?

Historically, our fees have proven to be less than our clients' cost for their accounting staff and much less than if they had their accounting department. Our fees are based on the volume and complexity of each client. We meet with you to work up a detailed scope of service and charge as low as $99 per month.


 Quickbooks Access to Data Anytime/Anywhere


Financial Reports & Analysis



 Security & Peace of mind



Eliminate the stress & keep your business in order


Multiple or single user accessibility as safe and as easy as Online banking


Run your business with 'Real Time' data Financial Reports to help your business


Standard security to protect your data Daily back-ups of financial data


Remove the burdens of balancing your  Finances and keeping you compliant with Federal & State agencies




We are experienced accounting professionals focused on providing our clients with financial data processing solutions that enhance the value of their organization.


We serve under our operational values of integrity, knowledge, and effectiveness.


We are a provider of bookkeeping and accounting solutions to start-ups, small and medium sized companies. Proven accounting processes and expertise to deliver a cost effective alternative to traditional in-house bookkeeping. Our service fulfills the business owner's basic financial need for timely, accurate and useful financial information.


The services provides cost and time-saving advantages, allows clients to control financial and cash related decisions, provides desktop access to their financial data, and relieves the burden of building and maintaining an internal bookkeeping and accounting department. We allow management to focus on running their business in a cost effective manner while providing expertise and peace of mind.


We provide a full range of services including A/R, A/P, and bank reconciliation. We integrate our automated payroll service into our process and prepare comprehensive monthly financial reports.

D Tax People

6336 N. Cicero Ave. #102

Chicago, IL 60646

Tel: 773-346-6968

Fax: 773-346-6971

D Tax People

6336 N. Cicero Ave. #102

Chicago, IL 60646

Tel: 773-346-6968

Fax: 773-346-6971